Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits | Exercise, Stamina and Performance

Cordyceps for endurance

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, weightlifter or an adventure enthusiast, we all share the common goal of sustained energy and endurance.

A few years ago, during mountain bike racing I discovered the cordyceps mushroom… and of course I decided to give them a try.

I was ON FIRE! And from that point forward I was 100% hooked. This was about the time in my life when I realized the power of medicinal mushrooms. Little did I know I was embarking down the path to become a crazy health nut, and the Limitless spokesperson.

How can a simple mushroom deliver benefits that range from vitality and longevity, to increased energy and exercise endurance? Keep reading to find out!

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What is Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps is a rare fungus that grow on caterpillars and insects high up in the mountains of China and Tibet.

The performance benefits were first noticed when shepherds noticed that their livestock became “strong as stout” after eating these certain mushrooms.

In following centuries, cordyceps have been used as a natural vitality enhancer in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. These local healers use cordyceps to combat illness, improve stamina and increase vitality.

Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits

The benefits of cordyceps mushroom is truly incredible. They were traditionally used in Chinese medicine to increase red blood cells and fight fatigue. After countless research studies they now widely known to deliver oxygen to cells.

Cordyceps and ATP

The performance boosting benefits delivered from cordyceps are due to its ability to increase mitochondrial production of ATP. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is a form of “cellular currency” or energy produced inside our mitochondria.

ATP is your bodies main energy supply and is required for all cellular processes. Active compounds inside cordyceps increase ATP levels in your body, therefor increasing energy levels. Think of ATP kind of like the batteries for your body.

Cordyceps for Endurance & Exercise Performance

Cordyceps mushrooms support sport performance by rapidly increasing oxygen delivery and energy production. Plus they are well-known for their strong antioxidant properties.

Research shown to:

Increase resistance to muscular fatigue (1) (2)

Improve cardiovascular response (3)

Improve VO2max (4)


cordyceps atp

Should I Have Cordyceps Before or After a Workout?

Before, after, during, anytime you want!

Before: Support energy and stamina – make a great addition to your pre-workout routine.

After: Cordyceps are adaptogens which means they help your body adapt to the physical stress put on by your workout. In other words, they help support recovery.

So there you have it, my secret is out. I’ve keep using cordyceps mushrooms to perform athletically for years. Of course, they aren’t the only nutritional super-ingredient but they make an excellent addition.

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