The Best Detox for Losing Weight – 10 Simple Steps

How To Detox Your Liver

We all know that our health is relative to the nutrients we absorb and consume on a daily basis…

But what about toxins?

Today, we are exposed to more toxins than ever before. Cleaning supplies, plastic containers, body care products, processed food… The chemicals and toxins from these products are either consumed or absorbed by our body and are really HARD ON THE LIVER!

Ultimately these toxins lead us to gain weight, result in low levels of energy, mood swings, depression and disease.

Thousands of years ago our bodies had it easy. We didn’t have to worry about detoxing or the excessive build-up of toxins in the body. Even if you aren’t conscious of the toxin build up or haven’t shown any symptoms yet you may still have a stressed out or over working liver.


Each and every day out bodies go through a detoxification process – Over the next few minutes we are going to talk about:

  • Signs that you need a liver detox
  • How a liver detox works
  • Where toxins come from
  • The best liver detox – even if you have no time

Detoxing will help you lose weight, boost your immune system, increase energy levels, help the body process nutrients more efficiently and purge unwanted harmful toxins from your system.

Signs You Need A Detox

  1. Sugar cravings or blood sugar spikes
  2. Bad Breath or yellowish buildup on the tongue
  3. Congested sinus
  4. Acne, rashes, or itchy and dry skin
  5. Visceral fat, resistant belly fat, weight gain
  6. Fluid retention
  7. Mood swings and irritability
  8. Insomnia
  9. Chemical insensitivities (Perfumes and different scents may bother you)
  10. Tiredness. Especially if you have just woken up or had a good sleep
  11. Excessive sweating or overheating

Think back over the last 3 months… Have you experienced four or more of these symptoms? If so, you need to detox!

How Detoxing Your Liver Works – Detox for Weight Loss

Firstly, we need to cover how the liver functions. The liver is constantly detoxing the blood, producing the bile needed to digest and process fats, breaks down hormones, stores essential nutrients such as iron, and sends vitamins & minerals through the body. It also filters blood separating fat soluble-only toxins.

It will then synthesize fat soluble toxins turning them into water soluble toxins that are easier for the body to eliminate. Ultimately discarding in the form of bile, feces and urine.

All of this happens through toxin neutralization – Here is the full detox process

Phase 1: Oxidation

In this first phase the liver uses oxygen and enzymes to turn toxins into less harmful substances. Fat soluble toxins are turned into water soluble toxins (makes it easier for the body to eliminate) like urine and feces. Free radicals are then created as a by-product.

Phase 2: Conjugation

The toxins are now water soluble and neutralized with the help of amino acids or organic acids which ultimately eliminate waste through the bile.

Antioxidants also reduce free radical damage in this phase.

Phase 3: Elimination

The liver and the other three organs involved in detoxing (kidneys, intestines, skin) take the water-soluble substances and flushed them out.

This is what a good detox would look like. This problem is we often have so many toxins in our bodies that Phase 1 (Oxidation) and Phase 2 (Conjugation) can’t keep up. This is when we start to show symptoms.


So where do toxins come from?

Toxins are everywhere. We are constantly being exposed to them both naturally and artificially.

Natural toxins such as fat, sugar and proteins come naturally from foods and drinks we consume. These toxins aren’t this issue.

Artificial toxins are a different story. These enter our body from drugs, food preservatives, additives, sweeteners, pesticides, plastics, alcohol, etc…

Today we are constantly exposed! Our liver processes all these toxins in combinations with the toxins that permeate our skin or through inhalation – fumes, pollution, chemicals in skin products and plastic containers.

The Best Detox for Losing Weight – 10 Simple Steps

Alkalize Your Water

Hydrate and flush your liver with water. This is the most essential and easiest to build into a habit or maintain.

Pro Tip: To boost your immune system and amplify your detox make your water alkaline. Simply add freshly squeezed citrus fruits or citrus fruit slices to your water. Try lemon, lime, orange or tangerine.

Avoid heavily filtered water or chlorinated water.

Raw Vegetable Juice

how to detox your liver - biofy limitless greens

A delicious green smoothie or green juice will help regulate PH levels in the body, support phase 1 & phase 2 liver detox and give you tons of energy!

Try mixing dark green veggies like spinach or kale with citrus fruits.

We understand you’re busy, maybe you have kids to take care and a demanding job which doesn’t always leave you much time for preparing vegetable juice. That’s why we created Limitless Greens. You can now get all your detoxing superfoods, veggies and greens in one glass! Simply mix, stir and sip your way to feeling limitless! Try it today.

Reduce Processed Food Consumption

I know, processed food is easy, fast and accessible. But it is also loaded with harmful toxins, will contribute to weight gain, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune, anxiety, depression and a variety of other health related issues.

Throw out the processed junk and instead shop mostly organic, natural or raw foods.


Use moderation on this one, but coffee can be excellent for a healthy detox. Coffee not only contains healthy antioxidants, but it also stimulates bile flow, glutathione production (cleansing compound that help to reduce toxins) and promotes healthy bowel movements.

More Antioxidants

During phase 1 of the liver detox your liver produces a lot of free radicals because of the complexities of the foods, drinks and chemicals we consume. More antioxidants will help support phase 2 and neutralize the free radicals/carotenoids.

  • Eat more berries, carrots, squash, sweet potato, spinach and onion.
  • Green tea, or match green tea is rich in an antioxidant called EGCG.
  • Limitless Greens is full of matcha green tea plus 15 other antioxidant rich superfoods

Biofy limitless greens

Broccoli & Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous veggies help to limit estrogen dominance, help cleanse the liver, boost enzyme production and support phase 2 of the liver detoxification process.

Broccoli, sprouts, brussel sprouts, cabbage and chard are all great sources.

Plant Based Greens or Green Supplements

Sometimes it’s hard to get your daily recommended intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to properly eliminate free radicals that cause premature aging and harm healthy cells. That’s why we created Limitless Greens. Once you detox your liver, you’ll want to sustain it. Limitless Greens is an antioxidant power house. 17 research-backed superfoods which work together to detoxify and energize your body. Mix, stir and sip your way to better health. It’s that easy!

Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium cleanses the liver, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and supports overall cardiovascular health.

Eat more Bananas, white beans, kidney beans, spinach and sweet potatoes – all great sources of potassium.

Take a Break From Alcohol

A 7-21 day break from drinking will give your liver a nice break and help to increase the effectiveness of your detox.

Reduce Toxin Exposure

This is a big one, yet so simple to fix. Store your foods in glass container not plastic, use natural body lotions such as coconut oil, and remove all processed foods from the pantry, fridge and freezer.

The biggest thing when it comes to detoxing your system, or any health practise for that matter is to be consistent and build sustainable habits. Start with a 7-21 day strict detox, then after work to build in healthy habits one by one.


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