The Truth About Weight Loss, Slimming and Detox Tea’s

The Truth About Weight Loss and Detox Tea






Detox Tea Weight Loss – Truth Exposed

We see them everywhere, promoted by celebrities, Instagram models and reality TV stars as the “new best way to slim down, burn belly fat and detox your body”.

But, do they really live up to their promises? Are they healthy and safe to consume? Or, are they just another health fad and marketing gimmick designed to make money?

The Truth About Detox & Slim Tea for Weight Loss

The truth is, many of these skinny and detox tea’s contain questionable ingredients which are not only meant deceive you but may also end up wreaking havoc on your body and causing serious health issues.

On any given day if you open up Instagram, you’ll likely see influencers marketing to their young and impressionable fans touting products that they claim to take every day. When in reality they didn’t even know the product existed until someone shoved it in their face for a sales promotion.

The problem? These companies get away with selling poor quality products which don’t truly work, they end up hurting your health and also wasting your money. For us, with Limitless Greens we’ve spend hundreds of hours researching and testing to build the best detoxing superfood blend on the market – something that not only lives up to all of its claims, but also tastes delicious. Try Limitless Greens today!

3 Alarming Facts About Weight Loss Detox Tea

Note: These are real examples of real companies. I didn’t want to throw them under the bus which is why I did not include their names. Just be sure to read the labels, do your research and follow the tips I am about to talk about.

1. Loaded with Laxatives

Yup, you heard me right! A tactic many detox teas have been using for years is the use of laxatives. While this is not very popular anymore due to customer outrage you may still find some.

The most common used laxative is Senna Leaf. It’s all-natural and works by stimulating the bowels. It’s deceiving, and “sorta works” because it speeds up transition of waste through your bowels. You will lose weight temporarily, but you will NOT lose fat.

If you drink them every day – like most of the companies suggest – you will develop health related problems like diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps and a resistance to laxatives.

It would be kinda like taking a mild Ex-Lax every day!

Popular ingredients found in these tea’s include Senna Leaf, Rhubarb root, Aloe and Castor oil. All of which act as natural laxatives which may expose you to future health related issues.

2. They Contain Diuretics

Common natural diuretic ingredients include: Dandelion root, horsetail, nettle root and licorice root. Don’t get me wrong, these are all very healthy on their own and when taken in moderation can work wonders to improve your overall health!

When natural diuretics are taken in excessive amounts and paired with laxatives like found in many detox tea’s they become borderline dangerous. They increase blood pressure and deplete your body of potassium and sodium down to unhealthy levels.

This is a tricky tactic. These companies know that when you drink several cups each day you will pee more, riding your body of excess water. While this will certainly lower the numbers on the scale temporarily, it won’t last long…

As soon as you get off the tea, as soon as you stop the detox program all that water weight quickly comes back. No fat was ever lost. These temporary benefits leave you thinking “wow this actually worked! This is a great product”, when in reality you have been tricked.

These companies don’t care if the product worked, they care if you think it worked. In their eyes as long as the product is making money the unhealthy and dangerous side effects are worth it. Be careful.

3. They’re Mostly JUST Tea!

This is super common. The company will decide to make a new “weight loss tea” by combining together a collection of various different types of teas.

A common tea combination or blend might look like: Green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea.

These tea blends sound exotic, exciting, and like the company put a lot of thought, research and money into creating such a unique formula! In reality, the only thought they put in was how to deceive you.

You are better off drinking a cup of 100% green tea or matcha. There has been no research or studies done to show fat loss benefits from any of these tea’s or tea blends. But there has been loads of research proving fat loss and detox benefits from green tea and matcha green tea.

You see, the benefits of these teas come specifically from the ingredient “green tea”. But the problem is they can’t market a new and exciting, high priced tea if it’s just green tea. So, they mix a bunch together, create a unique blend and change you a premium!

You are better off not watering down the effects of your detox tea and just stick with a basic green tea or matcha. You’ll save some money too!

Bottom Line

By all means, play around and experiment with different teas! Many of them contain powerful herbs, extracts, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which help you form a natural, healthy diet.

Just do your research, read the labels and follow the advice I have just talked about in this article.

Be sure to stay hydrated and don’t expect any of these detox tea “weight loss solutions” to be the magic cure to your weight loss needs. A true health and weight loss product needs to address all areas of your health, from nutrient levels to optimum digestive health and wellbeing. That’s the way Limitless Greens was formulated – no laxatives, excess dosages of diuretics or anything harmful in sight.

By consuming Biofy Limitless Greens as part of your healthy lifestyle you will see far better long-term health benefits and results than you will with any detox or slimming tea on the market.

It’s safer, cleaner, and better for you! You’ll also know that when you lose weight it will be fat, not water weight.

Do the test and prove it to yourself. Grab a bottle of Limitless Greens today!

If you ever have any questions about any teas or any health products you come accross we are always happy to help. Email or use the Live Chat!



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