Healthy Restaurant Eating – How To Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

tips when eating out

You go away on vacation or eat out with your friends and what happens? It instantly becomes an excuse to throw away your good eating habits and go all out on the processed restaurant food. You’re quickly left with the feeling like you’ve not only cheated on your diet, but also on yourself.

The processed food in our diets has made us become exposed to more sugar in a year than our ancestors had in a lifetime…

Luckily for us, most restaurants will accommodate our eating preferences, but it still takes initiative to make the right decisions and “order smart”.

Eating out without a plan can make it very difficult to lose weight or meet your goals. Here’s my tops tips when eating out that will allow you to still feel fantastic!

Healthy Restaurant Eating Tips & Tricks

Tip #1

Restaurant choice. Always favor farm-to-table over the fast food chain restaurants. It’s even better if you can find restaurants that offer locally sourced produce and meats – this is starting to become easier to find.

Tip #2

Ask for the “Gluten Free” menu. If they don’t have a gluten free menu, ask which dishes are gluten free. Let them know you don’t eat gluten or added sugar.

Note: Even if you do normally eat gluten, the gluten free dishes are generally healthier choices.

Tip #3

Order a salad, soup or protein appetizer. Ensure that veggies and leafy greens are the first thing to hit your belly.

Tip #4

Skip the bread, chips, tortillas or any other cheap carbs. These high-glycemic carbs are meant to stimulate your appetite and encourage you to EAT MORE. Simply tell your waiter “We don’t need any bread, thank you”.

Like me, I’m sure you love bread. So, listen up! I have a little hack that will allow you to stuff your face guilt free. If you don’t eat ANY carbs all day and just stick to protein, fats and veggies your glucose stores will be empty (especially if you snuck in a workout). With depleted glucose stores you can safely indulge in those mouth-watering, buttery pieces of bread without gaining fat.

*If you have been eating carbs or sugars throughout the day, then skip the bread.

Tip #5

Ask for sauces and dressings on the side.

Tip #6

Always choose raw, boiled, poached, steamed or grilled over baked and fried.

Tip #7

Order lean protein and veggies for your entrée.

Tip #8

Ask for extra veggies instead of the carbs.

Tip #9

Don’t feel like you need to clean your plate – ask for a container.

Tip # 10

If you’re going to treat yourself for dessert, always split it with a companion and ask if they have a gluten free option. A fruit platter is the best choice.

Avoid these foods at all costs!

Breads, chips, rolls & tortillas. Domesticated, GMO and processed grains will spike your blood sugar and increase insulin levels – causing fat storage.

Corn. 90% of the corn grown in the United States is genetically modified. Just SAY NO, unless its organic to avoid damaging your gut bacteria.

White potato’s & French fries. White domesticated potato’s spike insulin and lead to fat storage.

Fried foods which are usually breaded, fried in industrial oil and contain gluten/MSG.

Sauce & Dressing. Ask to get sauces and dressings on the side. Most of them contain MSG and other appetite enhancing chemical additives.

Whenever you eat out if a sauce or dressing tastes sweet it’s likely full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It’s sometimes not worth finishing.

Best Eating Practises While On The Road

Use Yelp, Google, or sites like Open Table to help find the best places to eat. Search terms like “farm to table”, “Organic”, “Grass-fed”, “Paleo”, or “Gluten free”. Once you find a place, read through their menu online to see if the dishes contain organic ingredients, ingredients from local farms or locally sourced meat. Go with the highest quality you can afford.

Sushi. Sashimi is the best option. Stay away from items with imitation crab tempura or added sauces. If you can, limit how much tuna you eat. Tuna is very high in mercury and sushi restaurants use the cheapest tuna available.

Mexican Food. Get fajitas with grilled veggies and guacamole. Tell them you don’t want chips or tortillas.

American Food. Order lean protein like chicken, along with a big salad and dressing on the side.

Airport. Seafood or sushi are your best options. If you’re at a diner type restaurant order eggs with a side of veggies instead of hash browns and starch.


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